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even if you were to fall, the Universe will be there to catch you




scarlet johansson could punch me in the face and that would give her a hug

this is one of the rarest shoots in which there’s photographs of her not sexualised

she is a beauty

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Celebratory dancing in my undies cuz i made the deans list all of 2014 thus far! 


i made a thing


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guess what

i love cheese
the dutch (western Europe in general) loves cheese

i love pizza
there are more pizza places in A’dam than any city in the US

i love mustard
the dutch love mustard

dutch (again western europeish in general) loves beer ((who doesnt?))

i think bikes are cool
the dutch fuckin love bikes

i love pot
the dutch love pot

i love free love! (as long as all involved are consenting)
the dutch love free love w/ consent too!